Clontarf Bridge Medical Centre

Establishment and health at Clontarf Bayside Plaza, 19b/9 Elizabeth Avenue, Clontarf, QLD 4019, Australia. Here you will find detailed information about Clontarf Bridge Medical Centre: address, phone, fax, opening hours, customer reviews, photos, directions and more.


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Clontarf Bayside Plaza
19b/9 Elizabeth Avenue
QLD 4019
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+61 7 3883 2316


Opening hours

Sunday 08:30am — 03:30pm
Monday 07:00am — 08:30pm
Tuesday 07:00am — 08:30pm
Wednesday 07:00am — 08:30pm
Thursday 07:00am — 08:30pm
Friday 07:00am — 05:30pm
Saturday 08:30am — 05:30pm


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Reviews of Clontarf Bridge Medical Centre

    Slug A Bug Added April 18, 2018
    The service here was discussing the receptionist Rachel bellows across the room at my partner to stop playing and soothing our 6 month old girl. Then presists on aguing with her across a room ful of ppl This was the worst experience ever .just found out she was the manager
    Catherine Blakeley Added April 11, 2018
    Tuesday the 18th of July 2017, we had been back in Australia (after relocating from the states), for 2 weeks, my youngest son was very unwell with a chest cough, temps and general lethargy.
    I had driven passed the 'Clontarf Bridge Medical Center' and thought as they opened at 0700 hours and we had been up since 0400, they would be a good option. We turned up at 06:50 and waited, my eldest son saw movement and checked the door, I shared with him they would be getting ready, however he is a kid and was trying to be helpful.
    Lady inside barked 'we are not open yet' ok, I understand that, at 0700 we tried the door to come into the waiting area, we were greeted by Gayle who stated we were 'not legally allowed to enter the premise until a doctor was on site!!' Ummmm I asked if they did not open at 0700 (which it was) and we cannot sit in the waiting area?? 'When do the doctors arrive?' I asked?? 'Well they are supposed to be here now, oh look one is here!!'
    All this whilst my youngest son is coughing up a lung and 'Gayle' was very snappy and unhelpful.
    Upon entering the establishment and approaching the counter (after seating my sick son), I was greeted with 'You know how walk ins work?' 'No, says I, 'I have been out of the country for 6 years and have not used your facility before'
    Gayle then shared with me we would be seen between patients and they were booked out until 19:30 that night.
    Hands me a registration form to fill out, as my son was so ill and we were already there, I filled out the form and handed it back.
    Next lady called me up to the counter very rudely 'I need you up here' ( I did not catch her name), 'you need to fill out your sons date of birth' 'sorry' says I, 'I did not see that' 'it's right here!!!' says lady in question, VERY rudely!!!!
    I reacted with ' I have not had much sleep for quite a few nights!!!' Woman in question backed right down and processed form..
    We sat for awhile, both my sons witnessed this appalling behavior, after 40 odd minutes and my youngest son in tears stating 'mum, they don't care about me'.. oh, I have not mentioned how I was asked if said child had a temp, when I replied with 'yes' I was told a nurse would come out.. never saw one..
    We left, went to Majellan medical center, where my son was seen and treated within a 1/2 an hour time frame, he is an ill child people!!!!! I called and spoke to 'Sylvia' who shared with me that placing a complaint on 'social media' would not be seen and acknowledged, well I hope the 'general public' read these reviews and do not waste time at your clinic.. Josie Caruso (management apparently), you need to discuss 'customer service' and 'empathy and understanding' with the reception staff in this facility.
    I have a sister that's a pediatric nurse, oncology nurse and general nurse in the family, none of these people treat anyone (let alone an ill child), like this!!!

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